No matter how much you love your mom, picking a gift for her to express that love is always the tricky part, be it for her birthday or some other occasion. Just as you’re going to pick something for her, a thousand questions swamp up your mind at once: What if this isn’t something of her interest? What if she doesn’t like it? What if this isn’t up to her expectations? And eventually, you end up not picking it. With Mother’s Day coming up and your anxiety on the rise, we’ve planned to pile up some ideas for you to choose a unique Mother’s Day gift for her. Your gift doesn’t have to be expensive to be extraordinary, you can absolutely get her a unique gift by staying under the budget. Lucky for you, almost every store in the town has its Mother’s Day Deals going on. Make the most of those deals and buy her anything she’d like on big save. It can be a home decor item, a garden tool, a personal ornamentation, even a kitchen gadget. Pro tip: Don’t buy her a spatula, ever. It turns into one of her deadliest weapons, trust me. Notice what she’s been eyeing for some time: Is it a handbag? Or a book, maybe? Or a new dress? Focus on her interests and go through our piled up list of gifts and presents to pick a unique gift for her. 



Gift Ideas for Mother Day


What to Gift Your Mom?  

A necklace

An item of personal ornamentation is always gonna cheer her up, and what’s more classy than a necklace! Get her a necklace that’s beautiful, unique and elegant. Be a bit more creative and try to make your own necklace for her with epoxy resin, dry petals and leaves, and some colors. Another idea is to get a customized necklace for her with a family photo engraved in it. The thought that her family is always close to her heart is enough to lift up her spirits and keep her in a good mood all day long!


A handbag

An elegant handbag can also make a good gift for Mother’s Day. Look up some ongoing deals with hefty discounts and get her a classy, graceful handbag. This is gonna remind her of you everytime the bag shares her burden of carrying things around and bring about a great smile to her face. 

A plant

Sure, you can buy her a bouquet, but how about a live potted plant that she waters everyday and grows for years? Some good plants to choose from are lavender, aloe vera, orchids, mint, peace lily plant, money plant, and cactus. 

A shawl

The best gift for mom is the one that reminds her of your love on hard days. A cozy, warm shawl is ideal in this regard. When she drapes it, the cozy, warm feeling will comfort her and represent your warm love for her. But make sure to look up her favorite colors before you go on to buy one.

A Perfume Oil

Think of an item that has no other sample in the entire world, and it’s with your mom. Sounds awesome? Try making her a perfume oil. It’s simple, really. You just have to know the kind of scent she prefers, a few essential oils that help in creating the scent, a carrier oil (almond oil, coconut oil), and a container. Play around with mixing up the fragrances until you vamp up the desired scent, add the carrier oil, and pour it into the container. Your personally formulated perfume oil is ready. Need a tip? Read a little about fragrance notes to be a pro in making perfume oils. 

Morning Breakfast 

The best way for your mom to kick-start Mother’s Day is when, for once, she doesn’t have to get up and cook. Plan a perfect breakfast-in-bed for her with her favorite coffee, toast, and bacon, or whatever it is that she likes, and make her morning special by pampering and caring for her. 

Scented Candles

Nothing beats out the classic candles. Pick some old jars or tea cups and stir up some scented candles for your mom with essential oils and fragrances. You can use any kind of oil, really. It all depends on what kind of fragrance she likes. Is it earthy, sweet, citric, vanilla, aromatic, or amber? Pick your fragrances and oils accordingly to stir up the scent of her choice. 

Hair Scrunchies

One of the best gifts you can DIY for your mom is a cute, fluffy hair scrunchie. A set of pastel, vibrant, or dark hair scrunchies looks extremely appealing, and catches your eye in the first glimpse. You can buy a set of hair scrunchies, or you can sew it all up by yourself. It’s not that difficult, and a gift with personal touch is always gonna rock. 

Customized Earrings

Have you ever tried crafting with polymer clay? If you have a creative mind with an inclination towards art and craft, try making her clay earrings. Design a color palette, buy polymer clay, and a couple of tools to begin with. Look up for some ideas from google and YouTube and make her a one-and-only gift in the whole world. How special is this, huh?  

Survival Kit

How about a refreshing kit for when she’s having a hard day? Pile up some basic products that would cheer her up, such as tic-tacs, chocolates, tissue papers, a hand sanitizer, a lip balm, and put them all together in a pouch; your survival kit is ready. 

Homemade Soap

Take notes, fellows! No gift is better than the one you make for her yourself with care and love. Vamp up some homemade soaps with a few drops of different essential oils and ingredients to add flavor, such as lavender, lemon, vanilla, tea tree, or peppermint. Wrap them up in fragrance papers and give them to her. A handmade gift by you is always gonna have special effects, especially when she wakes up in the morning and starts her day  with what you’ve made for her. 


If your mom is a bookworm, there’s no better gift for her than a book. Look into her interests, and her book collection. What genre does she prefer? Is she more into fantasy fiction? Or history? Sci-fi? Non-fiction? Entrepreneurship? Finance? Find out what stands out to her the most, and get her the book accordingly. You can even pair it up with a bookmark, so she doesn’t have trouble continuing where she leaves off. 

Or a Bookend 

If she already has a huge collection of books, and you’re running out of ideas on what book to buy, keep it simple and buy her a bookend. She will instantly fall in love with this, and think about your love for her every time she picks a book to read from her collection. 

Travel Make-up Kit

If your supermom travels often, a  tiny travel make-up kit will be a great aid for her. This kit usually includes pocket-size makeup products to freshen up during travel. A tiny pouch containing mini-lipsticks, BB-cream, compact powder, eyeshadow palette, waterproof mascara, and pocket perfumes/body mists is a big success. Many product brands have their Mother’s Day Sales up and running. Make hay while the sun shines and get some of the best Mother’s Day beauty gifts for her.  



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Hair Care Products

This is one gift she won’t be expecting, and will be more than happy to see that you care for her lovely tresses. Moms are always indifferent to their hair and pay the least attention to it. A hair care gift, therefore, will lift up her spirits and affect her mood in a different way. Mother’s Day hair care gifts are unique, extraordinary, and under your budget if you know how to make the most of ongoing sales. Good for you, GK Hair has its Mother’s Day Haircare Deal on the go with a FLAT 20% discount on hair products, where you can get your hands on whatever you want for your supermom. Be it a basic Shampoo + Conditioner kit, or a Deep Conditioner Treatment, or styling products such as Dry Oil Shine Spray and Argan Oil Serum, GK Hair as it all for you. Use discount code LUVMOM20 before checking out, and celebrate a big saving on this sale by showing love to your mom in a unique, extraordinary way. 

And our list of exquisite Mother’s Day gifts is all piled up! Get your mind into thinking and get her the perfect gift ever. Remember, going out of budget to buy something is not extraordinary, giving what shows your care and love for her is!