Prepare for Halloween With These Inspo Ideas + Post Halloween Haircare Tips

Happy Halloween month! The season of all the spookiness is almost here, and so are your worries for picking the best costume for the scary halloween. From your outfit to your hair look, everything is yet to be decided and you’re out here looking for help. That is probably the reason why you landed on this blog in the first place. So fear not, dear folks. We have the best Halloween inspo ideas for Halloween 2022 + post halloween hair care routine to get out of that messy, back-combed look. 

Best Halloween Inspo Ideas

Yeah, we know; a vampire look (or a scary nun) is too typical of Halloween, and that’s why it’s not even gonna make it to our much-awaited (pun intended) halloween inspo list, But there are many other looks that you can easily create even if you’re not a make-up maestro. So it’s time to let the cat out of the bag and show you our best-picked Halloween looks!

The Witchy Waves

Image of beautiful girl wearing hat - GK Hair Australia


Scary, intimidating, chic; you name it. We only know it as the perfect look to take on this Halloween. To create these waves, braid your hair and leave it overnight. Let loose in the morning with a lot of volumizing spray and a bit of back-combing to give the hair a frizzier, scarier look. This hair look goes perfect with a witchy costume and a scary big hat; throw in a wand too if it isn’t too much for your taste.

The Elegant Slit Throat

Image of girl representing halloween style - GK hair Australia

A typical vampire? Nah! Too mainstream. Let’s celebrate Halloween as an elegant updo with the slit throat SFX makeup look. All you need to achieve this look is to practice a high hair updo with face framing sections falling by the sides. With the spooky season on the rise, there will be Halloween hair care deals everywhere. Make the most out of these deals and pick a strong hold hairspray on discount to keep your updo in place all night long. 

Slicked Back Skeleton

Image of girl representing halloween style - GK hair Australia


The thing is, you don’t necessarily have to be Rapunzel on Halloween. A slicked back, skeletal look is way more impressive and easier to take up. All you have to do is just load your hair with lots of gel and a hair shine spray to make it look wet. For a detailed guide on creating this look, read our expert’s take on how to achieve wet hair look

The Victorian Bun

Image of girl representing halloween style - GK hair Australia

Nothing more savage than a Victorian hair bun! This hairstyle is going to need some stuffing along with the right setting. A YouTube tutorial will definitely come in handy in this regard. Perfect your hair look, drape yourself in Victorian attire, and slay the look this spooky season. 


Image of girl representing halloween style - GK hair Australia

So sweet, yet so wicked! That’s Dip-In-Pink for you. To create this look, you might need spray-on fantasy hair dyes. Paint your hair all over with the hues of pink save for the hair roots, and move on to style your long bob as shown. Use a quality hairspray to hold the hair in place and you’re all set for the halloween. 

Post Halloween Prep

Yay! What a great evening, and now the only thing left important in the world is to just hop into bed. Well, not really. We know the temptation of a comfy bed after a tiring evening, but you need to get everything off of your hair if you don’t wanna end up with damaged, rough and brittle strands. So get set and ready to unwind with your post Halloween haircare!

  • Start by combing your hair

There’s a fair chance your hair will end up a big pile of mess towards the end of halloween. Hair sprays, mousse, glitter, dye, back combing, it’s time to get out all of it. Take a wide-tooth comb and start detangling your hair from the hair ends. Be very gentle with your hair so as to not pull it out from the roots. 

  • Give it a deep cleanse

Once the hair is detangled, hop into shower for a deep cleanse. We know, we know; exhaustion is taking over you and a shower at this moment just seems like an extra task. But leaving the hair as it is will lead to severe hair damage, and that’s not going to be a good sight. Take a deep cleansing shampoo with you and give your hair a good cleanse. Make sure that all kinds of impurities, product-buildup, and glitter are removed. A deep cleansing shampoo will open up the hair cuticles for a thorough cleaning and wash away all kinds of impurities. 

  • Time to nourish the hair

As soon as you’re done with the process of cleansing, you will feel your hair getting dry, harsh and in need of moisture. The reason being, since the shampoo washes away all the dirt and buildup, it also takes away natural oils. So once the hair is squeaky clean, it’s time for a little nourishment. Take a moisturising conditioner and start working your way through. This step is crucial as it will restore the moisture into hair and maintain its natural nourishment. Rinse out the conditioner after a few minutes. 

  • Top it off with a leave-in 

During the Halloween madness, you are willing to put everything in your hair, no matter how drying, and it takes its toll. So, a leave-in conditioner is more-than-welcome at the end of the spooky season. Just apply onto the hair as you step out of the shower, and let the product do its magic. 

And that’s about it for the post-halloween haircare. In case the hair feels dry still over the next few days, add a deep conditioner into your routine and problem solved!

Best Products for Halloween 

Halloween Sale 2022

Now comes the question of Halloween haircare products. Where to find the arsenal that’s good enough to deal with the damages of the Halloween havoc? Good thing, GK Hair has Halloween Sale 2022 up and running, where you can find sulphate-free, quality products for your Halloween shenanigans. Scroll on to explore some of the best products for your hair, or for a halloween haircare gift to a loved one! 

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A duo like no other! This Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner not only keeps your hair from colour damage, but also retains natural hair moisture. 

Juvexin Cream Colour

This Halloween, dye your hair with the most vibrant of hues with  Juvexin Cream Colour, which offers you a wide range of demi-permanent hair shades ranging from natural to fantasy. 

pH+ Shampoo

Our deep cleanser for hair! Use pH+ Shampoo post-halloween for a squeaky deep clean which leaves no product buildup or residue behind. 

VolumizeHer Spray 

For hair that needs a lift, VolumizeHer Spray is your guide to the rescue. Just spray on the roots before styling for added volume and enjoy a blast of instant body and fullness. 

ThermalstyleHer Cream

Halloween and heat-styling go hand in hand, do it the right way with ThermalStyleHer Cream. Its advanced formula gives thermal protection up to 450℉ and protects the natural moisture of hair. 

Deep Conditioner

Get rid of dryness - your hair’s eternal enemy - with GK Hair Deep Conditioner Treatment. Apply it to hair for 20 minutes and flaunt your frizz-free hair all day, every day. 

Dry Oil Shine Spray

The real multitasker to have on Halloween! Dry Oil Shine Spray instantly softens your hair and adds an unparalleled shine to it.