How To Maintain Your Hair Dye In 3-Simple Steps

No feeling can match the excitement you get after getting a new hair colour. You feel like an entirely new person who’s filled with joy and pleasure, and embraces changes. This joy, however, doesn’t last long, as the colour soon starts wearing off, leaving your hair in a weird state. What to do then? A salon appointment isn’t always the most convenient option. But that doesn’t mean you’re submitting to that dull, weird, brassy hair. Here are three simple stylist-approved hacks to prolong your hair dye for a longer period of time. 

Find The Right Shampoo

Colour-treated hair is very delicate due to open cuticles and needs extra care and nourishment. Therefore, pick a shampoo that contains no harsh chemicals and is safe-to-use on colour treated hair. GK Hair Moisturising Shampoo contains a dual-action formula that not only hydrates your hair from the inside out, but also offers protection to your colour-treated hair. Moisturising Shampoo is 100% sulphate-free, and is particularly formulated for colour-treated hair that’s dehydrated and damaged. 

Deep Condition Every Now and Then 

A deep conditioning treatment that helps prolong your hair colour is the biggest hack to maintain your hair dye. Since colour-treated hair is highly porous, it needs extra moisture, as well as colour protection. A quality deep conditioning masque such as Lock Me Colour Masque can prove to be a game-changer for your dyed hair. The conditioning agents present within deliver gentle moisture to the hair, while offering UV protection and prolonging the hair colour. 

Throw In A Dry Shampoo Too

Washing your hair every single day can cause your hair dye to wear off sooner than usual. Hence, push your washes further and use GK Hair Dry Shampoo in between. On days when your greasy, limp hair needs a quick refresh, a few sprays of Dry Shampoo can quickly soak up excess oil and add instant volume to your hair.



Q1: What steps can I take to maintain my hair dye for a longer-lasting color?

Answer: To maintain your hair dye, start with a sulfate-free shampoo designed for color-treated hair. This helps prevent color fading. Follow up with a nourishing, color-safe conditioner to keep your hair hydrated. Lastly, minimize heat styling and sun exposure, as they can contribute to color loss. These simple steps can help extend the vibrancy of your hair dye.

Q2: Is it necessary to use specific hair care products for color-treated hair?

Answer: Yes, using hair care products specifically formulated for color-treated hair is crucial. Sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners designed for color protection help preserve the vibrancy of your hair dye. These products are gentler on the hair, preventing premature color fading and ensuring your hair remains healthy and vibrant.

Q3: How can I protect my hair dye from environmental factors and heat styling?

Answer: To protect your hair dye, consider wearing a hat or scarf when exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods. Additionally, use heat protection sprays or serums before styling with hot tools. Limit the frequency of heat styling and opt for cooler settings when possible. These precautions help shield your hair from environmental damage and reduce the risk of color fading.