Best Hair Color Protecting Techniques - Create A Shield

Going to the beach? This is the right time to enjoy the new vibrant season. But what about your colour treatment that you got last month? You do not want it to fade away, right? Exposure to sun can add a tinge of brass in your hair or it can degrade the highlights. Why is that so? The sun throws ultraviolet rays which can damage your hair and hair colour. This damage is not limited to summers, but in summers they can damage your hair faster. So if you want to live your life to its fullest in summers, protect your hair from the sun. Using the right colour protecting hair routine can turn your life around.



Shield Shampoo and Conditioner - GK Hair AU



Shield Shampoo And Conditioner

Just like your skin, your hair also needs a moisturiser and a sunblock that protects it from the sun damage. Well GK Hair Shield Shampoo is the right option for you. These shield shampoos will have labels like with UV filter or UV shield or simply UV/UVA shield and contain Aloe Vera and natural flower seeds oil for long-lasting moisture and damage repair features along with colour protection. Shampooing once a day with colour protecting shampoo helps build up a protective layer on your hair. It is advisable to use these products year-round if you live in a sunny climate. Do use the Shield Conditioner so that you can retain the moisture lost during the hair wash.


Layer Your Strands

You are excited to jump in the water. But it is important to layer your hair with some products that can prevent the frizz. This frizz can lead to damage. Apply a light layer of leave-in spray or leave-in conditioner cream that adds protection from environmental hazards. Apply these products on slightly wet hair as well.


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Use Hats and Scarves

One of the best ways to prevent colour from fading is covering up the hair. Take a big, floppy-brimmed beach hat and reduce your hair to be exposed to the sun. Use a hat that suits your beach style or a simple fabric bandana to protect your hair from harsh rays. Combine hats and scarves with ultraviolet protectant sprays for the highest level of protection. You can add flair to your beach style in several ways, from protectant sprays to cool hats and scarves, whatever suits you best.

Best Hair Color Protecting Techniques - GK hair Australia

Use a Good Quality Hair Masque

Hair masks are amazing, applied at least once a week or after a full day outdoors in order to maintain moisture and soothe out cuticles exposed directly to the sun. When exposed to sunlight, UV rays dry out strands and roughen up the cuticles which result in degradation of your hair colour. Natural ingredients in these products can help correct sun damage. Simply apply a product to freshly shampooed hair and work it through using a wide-toothed comb. Use GK Hair Deep Conditioner Masque to refresh your hair.

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Q: How can I protect my hair color from fading?

  • A: To safeguard your vibrant hair color, start by using sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for color-treated hair. Additionally, minimize exposure to direct sunlight and heat styling tools, and consider investing in a quality UV protectant spray. These measures create a shield around your color, ensuring it remains vivid and lustrous for an extended period.

Q: Do at-home hair color protection techniques yield effective results?

  • A: Absolutely. Incorporating at-home techniques into your hair care routine is crucial for maintaining color longevity. Deep conditioning treatments, color-protecting masks, and leave-in conditioners can replenish moisture and fortify your hair against damage. Consistent use of these products enhances the protective shield around your color, promoting lasting vibrancy.

Q: How often should I refresh my hair color protection routine?

  • A: The frequency of refreshing your hair color protection routine depends on your lifestyle and the intensity of your hair care routine. As a general guideline, aim to include color-protecting products and treatments in your regimen at least once a week. Adjustments can be made based on factors like exposure to environmental elements and the overall health of your color-treated hair.